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Don't stress about getting to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Leave the worry of safety and comfort behind. Book a ride to the boat show and avoid all the hassle.

Getting to the boat show safely should be the easiest part of the event.

We all have been there. You are on your way to the event you have waited all year for. You get close to the show and the streets are packed. You are being waived down on every corner by someone wanting to charge an arm and a leg just to park your car. You finally pay too much to park somewhere that is still a hefty walk to the entrance. You finally get in and you have the time of your life...

...until it's time to go home. You walk sourounded with a bunch of people roaming around to find their cars. You make it back to your car. Your one buddy was nice enough to be the designated driver, and they get to wait in traffic as the city empties.

Eventually you get home after a great day, but a stressful travel experience.

Why let your ride to the boat show get you stressed out?

Have one of our experienced chauffeurs pick you up and start the party on the way to the boat show. Have a larger group of friends? We can handle that safely too, all without the worry of arranging who's car to take. Get dropped off right at the entrance, no sketchy parking space, no worry about the car. Get inside and enjoy the time of your life. After the boat show, your ride will be waiting for you without the need for a designated driver or the crazy surge pricing.

Let our chauffeur take you home while you continue to relive the best moment of the boat show.

Make the Boat Show an Experience from the Start.

Be Driven

We get you to the boat show when you want to be there and are there waiting to pick you up. No traffic, no parking, no stress, and safety.

Be Together

We have a vehicle for any group size. Just a few friends? We got you! Have a large group? We got you too!

Be Dropped Off

Don't worry about your car in a sketchy parking space with a 20 minute walk to the boat show.

Have a Car Waiting

The show is over and the streets are packed. Don't open that app and wait for a car. We will be there for you when you are ready.

Enjoy Yourself

The party can start before you even leave. We are your designated driver and you will be able to enjoy yourself.


You don'thave to worry about the cleanliness of our vehicles. Our drivers are required continuously clean and sanitize our vehicles.

Be Driven To The Boat Show!

Have Questions? 

We will tailor your experience to you!

Want to have different friends be picked up from different locations? Done. Want to go to lunch before or after the boat show? Done. Want to be dropped off at a different location? Done. We can handle any special requests and you will have the peace of mind to know your ride will be there for you the whole way.

Want to talk it over before booking?

Send us a text message or give us a call at 954-473-6631. Live operators are available 24/7.

Be Driven, safely. Enjoy The Boat Show

No stress. No worry.